October 2007 News

Right Time To Address Kashmir Issue: Pak Foreign Secretary

3 October 2007
The Times of India

United Nations: Pakistan and India must seize the opportunity provided by the conducive international and regional environment to address the Kashmir issue, Pakistan Foreign Secretary Riaz Mohammed Khan has said. Stressing that both sides will have to demonstrate political will, courage and flexibility, he said, 'we are pursuing a solution that is acceptable to India, Pakistan and above all people of Kashmir.' 'The two countries must now seize the opportunity provided by the conductive international and regional environment to address the problems especially Jammu and Kashmir dispute that is at the heart of conflict and tension in South Asia,' he said addressing the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. In this context, Khan said Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has offered ideas which he claimed have 'resonated' with the people of Kashmir who must be involved in the process. But he did not mention any specific ideas in the address. On the issue of terrorism, he said at the heart of new threats of terrorism and violence is not a clash of civilizations. 'It is failure of the international community to address the festering disputes and collective inability to universalize opportunities and benefits by the phenomenal advances in technology and globalization and for the betterment of all peoples'. 'Conflicts continue in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. In South Asia, the Kashmir dispute is yet to be resolved. Old disputes are compounded by new confrontations,' he added.


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