October 2007 News

Sultan Asks Islamic Countries To Play Role For Kashmir Issue

6 October 2007
Associated Press of Pakistan

Islamabad: Former AJK Prime Minister, Sultan Mehmood has urged the Islamic countries to play a pivotal role to settle Kashmir issue like Pakistan that always fully supported Muslim Ummah to resolve its problems. 'Especially, the way Pakistan supported Muslim Ummah on Arab-Israel conflict, has no parallel example,' he said while speaking at an Iftar dinner hosted in his honour by AJK People Muslim League (PML), at Jeddah Saudi Arabia. He said a number of Muslim countries have recognized Israel but Pakistan did not do so. Sultan Mehmood said, Today, India troops are committing atrocities against innocent Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir where even mosques are not safe. 'The Muslim Ummah instead of adopting resolutions from the platform of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), should take some practical to stop Indian subjugation,' he added. He said the OIC and Arab League should use their influence and help stop atrocities against innocent Kashmiris. Sultan Mehmood who is also President, AJK Peoples Muslim League, also called upon the Kashmiris living in the Middle East to play their role for resolving Kashmir issue. He also pledged to announce party organization in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East.


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