October 2007 News

Mufti: J&K Government Dithering On Agenda

19 October 2007
The Hindu

Jammu: The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and People's Democratic Party (PDP) founder Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on Friday said the State government seemed to be dithering on its political and economic agenda. For some time now, the State government, 'which was the driving force behind the peace initiatives between 2002 and 2005, seems to be dithering on its political and economic agenda, leading to mounting public disillusionment and disenchantment with the confidence-building process. At this crucial juncture, only a resolute effort propelled by political wisdom and vision could restore the waning public confidence in the process,' he told reporters here. Confidence building Pointing out that phased reduction of troops and revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) were essential components of the intra-State confidence building process, Mr. Sayeed said the democratic and civil society institutions must now be given full charge of the situation to consolidate the peace process. 'We can't wait for the last gun to fall silent and will have to initiate the process of troop reduction, the sooner the better.' He said, 'Certain quarters both within and outside the State are creating an impression that peace in Jammu & Kashmir could be maintained only through the gun.' This mindset was unfair for the people who had made sacrifices for peace. Acknowledging that lack of coordination in the functioning of the Congress-PDP coalition government was giving rise to 'lot of consternation' in the rank and file of his party, Mr. Sayeed said it was open on the future course of action.


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