October 2007 News

Army starts relief work as quake hits N Areas

28 October 2007
The Daily Times

Rawalpindi: Army has started relief work in Northern Areas, which were hit by earthquake on Saturday. The earthquake hit five villages, including Dansum, Karmandiag, Goma and Banam in district Ghanchae. A 16-year- old girl was killed and many others were injured, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said on Sunday in a statement, adding that the earthquake affected about 300 people. Army doctors and engineers have started relief work in the area and army helicopters evacuated the injured and shifted them to various hospitals. Army troops are also distributing eatables and other items among earthquake victims, said the ISPR. Some 400 tents and blankets and two tonnes of ration have been distributed among the victims. Army engineers are using dozers and other heavy machinery to clear the area roads of debris, said ISPR. The engineers opened the road between Goma and Banam and work on the road between Dansum and Karmandiag is in progress. The army doctors are providing medical support to the victims, it added.


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