October 2007 News

Muzaffarabad’s master plan approved

30 October 2007
The Dawn

Muzaffarabad: The Azad Kashmir government on Tuesday formally approved a master plan for Muzaffarabad with some conditions, raising fears of protests from people opposed to relocation of state-level offices outside the old municipal limits. “For the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Muzaffarabad city, the government has approved a detailed master plan prepared by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) comprising Japanese technical experts, and the consultant firm M-S ACE of Lahore, under certain conditions,” said a notification issued by an official of the works secretariat. According to official sources, the conditions were framed in the light of observations of Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, which were recorded by him a few days ago on the relevant file. The following are the conditions mentioned in the notification (i) Around 200 kanals state land currently under possession of a dairy farm and 100 kanals private land in Raru shall be acquired in keeping with future requirements of government offices. In this regard, essential seismic studies (of the area) shall be conducted. (ii) Around 1,000 kanals in Basnara, along the Kohala Road, shall be acquired and utilised for government offices. (iii) State land measuring 413 kanals and available private land shall be acquired in Chattar Klas, along the Kohala Road, and used for construction of state-level offices, except the (AJK) Supreme Court and High Court. (iv) The maps of the master plan shall be publicised for the knowledge of the general public and it will be displayed at important locations in the city. (v) For the construction of (AJK) university the area of Langarpura, near Muzaffarabad city, would be suitable.


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