October 2007 News

Indian intelligence claims knowledge of Pakistans new Kashmir strategy

30 October 2007
The Daily Times

New Delhi: A three-pronged Kashmir strategy adopted by Pakistan involving shifting the focus of engineering violence in Kashmir to other parts of India outside Jammu and Kashmir (JK), and building united political support within JK has been unearthed, Indian intelligence agencies claim. They say the second part of the strategy involves Islamabad identifying alternative infiltration routes from neighbouring countries to thwart the Indian Armys increased vigil on the Line of Control. The third part of the strategy is to recruit Indians for terrorist activities from the Middle East, the agencies claim. A report by the Intelligence Bureau submitted to the Home Ministry was discussed at a meeting here. It discussed the counter- strategy to be adopted with the help of the state police. They planned that state intelligence units would mobilise to look for terror modules in their areas. A shift in Pakistans strategy was also apparent in Kashmir, wherein it sought a united political voice in its favour, while extending the arc of violence to the hinterland. This was carefully orchestrated to ensure deniability, concealment of infrastructure, dispersion of support mechanisms and creation of separate modules, the report stated. In JK, Islamabad is putting pressure on various pro-freedom groups, including militant organisations and two factions of the Hurriyat Conference to come together on a single platform facilitating Pakistan in its negotiations with India, according to the report. Recruiting militants: Pakistan is also relocating its terror camps and expanding the social base of militants recruited for fighting in JK, according to the report. Such recruitment is being expanded to the Middle East. With the Indian Army increasing its vigil in JK and with Pakistan under pressure, the document says Islamabad is now using alternative infiltration routes into India from Nepal, Bangladesh, Iran and Kuwait. It is also exploring Sri Lanka and the Maldives to build up new infiltration routes.


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