November 2007 News

Wind Power Towers erected in FATA, NAs for collecting data

3 November 2007
The Daily Times

Islamabad: Pakistan Mete-orological Department (PMD) has started collecting wind data from 41 towers fixed in various parts of FATA and Northern Areas for the purpose of setting up wind farms to generate power. A high level official in PMD told Daily Times here Saturday that the speed of the wind could be utilized for power generation in various parts of FATA and Northern Areas. We require at least one years data to find out the actual speed of wind, however, the data of last few months are encouraging, the official said. The project of wind mapping of Northern Areas for assessing power generation potential was awarded to Met office in July 2005. The data will be available for commercial purposes by the end of 2009, he added. It is a part of governments planning to use alternate energy sources to meet the storage of power. With the approval of President Pervaiz Musharraf, a perspective plan has unfolded by the planning and development division to meet projected energy demand up to 2030. Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) has been given the target to explore new venue of alternate source of energy and it has been asked to expedite the process of awarding licenses to foreign investors. Some of the places where wind poles have been erected in FATA and Northern Areas include Astor, Bunji, Chillas, Gilgit, Guppis, Hunza, Skardu, Khaplu, Bahrain, Kalam, Chitral City, Kalash, Qila Besham. Using the measured wind data the annual gross energy production by an 18 MW wind farm consisting of 3600 kW turbines will be 45 million kWh. Taking into account the wind turbine availability, net losses and wake effects in the wind farm the net annual energy production is estimated to 31 million kWh per year corresponding to a capacity factor of 28 percent. It has been estimated that the total investment will be Rs 850 million and pay back period will be 7-8 years. Earlier, PMD has recorded the data at Gharo, one of the sites in Sindh. The annual mean wind speed is estimated to be 6.86 m-s at 50 meter above ground level. The annual power density of area is 408.6 W-m2, which brings the site into good category of power potential, which means this area is suitable for large economically viable wind farm, the official added. staff report


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