December 2007 News

Political, Economic Stability Vital For Kashmir Prosperity

19 December 2007
News Blaze

Srinagar: The pro-Indian Kashmiri leader, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has said that political and economic stability is vital for the prosperty of Kashmir. Mufti Sayed, former chief minister of Kashmir said the key to Kashmir's prosperity lies in the economic well-being of its citizens. 'The dark era of political instability, economic deprivation, inter-regional incongruities and intra-societal discrepancies in Kashmir is going to end soon and it would enter into a new era of political stability and economic prosperity in the emerging sub-continental paradigm of Indo-Pak amity', he said. Mufti said the amount of respect that both the countries have accorded to their commitment to observe a ceasefire along the borders in Kashmir has emanated a new ray of hope that complete peace in the region is now more than achievable. 'I am confident that with the stabilization of the political situation in Pakistan there would be substantial movement forward towards the settlement of the Kashmir issue,' he said and added that the positive and encouraging statements emanating from New Delhi over the prevailing situation in Pakistan is the reiteration of the country's resolve to keep things moving in the right direction on the bilateral front. He expressed the hope that in the emerging scenario of Indo-Pak friendship and cooperation, Kashmir would not only find a place of dignity but could become a hub of economic activity given its geo-strategic location. 'I am sure that the time is not far away when people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh would be moving around freely in the region dishing out their intellectual and artistic capabilities,' he said and added it is the will and yearning of the region's people to work together that would ultimately override all the political barriers.


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