December 2007 News

Azad Urges CMs To Stop Undue Harassment Of Kashmiri Youth

20 December 2007
The Daily Times

New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Thursday asked Indian chief ministers to curb undue harassment to the Kashmiri youth working or studying in their states, at a meeting on internal security convened by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. “Should any arrest of Jammu and Kashmir subjects take place in any state, I would request the chief ministers to direct field agencies to inform the Jammu and Kashmir police immediately, so that antecedents of the arrested persons are verified and any undue harassment avoided,” Azad said. He also had his own take on the demand in the state for withdrawal of the army and the paramilitary forces from internal security duties. Stressing that the central forces will have to be replaced by the local police sooner or later, he said that it can be possible only by tripling the existing strength of the state police. The Jammu and Kashmir police are a 65,000-strong force and as such he would need another 1.30 lakh personnel recruited. Only such an enhanced state force can tackle militancy and other problems that are being handled in the state by the central forces, Azad said while calling for an immediate raising of 15 new battalions in the state. He also told the meeting that he needs additional 5,000 personnel to man critical areas such as intelligence, crime branch and forensic laboratories. Azad said, “Money invested in strengthening and modernising the Jammu and Kashmir police will be money spent not only for safeguarding Jammu and Kashmir, but the entire country.” “If we have to totally eliminate terrorist violence in the state, we will need to increase the strength of the local police substantially. This will serve a two-fold purpose of improving effectiveness in fighting terrorism and providing gainful employment for the youth,” Azad added.


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