December 2007 News

US broadcaster underlines need to focus on HR abuses in Kashmir

26 December 2007
The News International

Islamabad: American broadcaster David Barsamian, nowadays on a visit to held Srinagar, has said that it has become imperative that the issue of human rights violations in held Kashmir be focussed and addressed. Talking to media men he pointed out that documentation of rights violations should be well known and well propagated so as the situation can make Kashmiris' case more effective. Referring to a question, as whether the dominance of Indian discourse in America about held Kashmir was a part of India's propaganda, Barsamian said, 'The root of the problem is that people who are resisting have no power and no media. Everything is presented about them through the camera of the powerful. That has to change.' About a question on whether Kashmiri leaders should seek US help, Barsamian said, 'Well, they should first of all campaign to provide information to the Americans. Information is very important. 'Without information, people cannot do anything. So it is important to reach out to people and tell them your side of the story. If New Delhi has its side, then there is this side.' He said and added, 'Let us listen to both voices and see who is right, who is just. But if you only listen to one voice, then your opinion will be biased.'


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