March 2008 News

London Conference Discusses Kashmir Sapphire, Reported About 480 Kgs Deposits

9 March 2008

Srinagar: The Gemological Association of Great Britain organized a seminar on Kashmir Sapphire gem stones in its office chambers at Hatton Garden, London. A large number of geologists, gemologists, jewelers and geoscientists from around the world participated in seminar. The seminar was chaired by Dr Jack Ogden, Chief Executive Officer Gemological Association of Great Britain. Haji Abdul Majid Butt, noted Geo scientist addressed the meeting starting with legend, history, general geology, production and reserves. Butt highlighted the presence of inclusions which impart a milky turbulence and cornflower blue velvety color to this sapphire making it the worlds most sought after gemstone with the highest price tag around $100,000 per carat for a 20 carat piece. On the basis of estimation supported by tonal inference drawn by satellite imagery by NRSA Hyderabad, Butt informed the presence of 480kg of gem variety on the ridge as initial deposit to be recovered through mining. Butt appealed to international prospective entrepreneurs to come forward and submit their tenders to J&K government with investment and mine plan and participate in the forth coming auction. He stressed that this step will generate a new field of gem and jewellery in the state thereby absorbing a lot of unemployed youth with new job opportunities. Geological Association of Great Britain has agreed in principle to publish this article of Haji Abdul Majid Butt in the next isuue of the Journal of Gemology.

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