March 2008 News

Third Front will emerge shortly in J&K: Mir

11 March 2008
The Daily Excelsior

JAMMU: Former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Minister Ghulam Hassan Mir has said that a Third Front would emerge soon in Jammu and Kashmir before coming Assembly elections. Mr Mir, who was expelled from the Party hardly two days back told at ‘Meet the Press’ program held at Press Club Jammu that the Third Front would come out as ‘big force’ after Assembly elections and would play crucial role in the State politics in coming months. 'Third Front is bound to come up as many political leaders and parties are not in line with the aims and objectives of coalition partners Congress, PDP and opposition National Conference', Mr Mir added. Without indicating as to which political leaders and parties in the State will join the Third Front, Mr Mir who represents Tangmarg Assembly constituency in Kashmir said, 'it will be a strong front with representatives from all the three regions of the State and not only from Kashmir.' In reply to a question whether Hurriyat leaders would also be a part of the front, Mir said there is no harm in talking to them. He however, opined that they should also come out for contesting polls. Mr Mir was expelled by the disciplinary committee of PDP headed by Minister for Agriculture Abdul Aziz Zargar from the primary membership of the party for the alleged anti-party activities on Sunday. On his difference with the party leadership on nomination of Deputy Chief Minister, the expelled leader said that he was never a contestant for this post, instead the main confrontation was that the party never took a collective decision on any issue, rather, decisions were thrust upon the party functionaries by one person. 'We had formed PDP with an object that it will be a democratic alternative to NC but the party has not been running in that direction and people there are feeling suffocated', the leader said adding that many more in PDP may take a decision in course of time to part ways with the party because of the undemocratic and dictatorial attitude of the leadership. The Party is being dominated by ‘Muftis’ and others have no say in any decision. Though many in the party were feeling uneasy under such circumstances but due to some compulsions and power with the ‘Muftis’ they are unable to take a bold decision. But time has come and Party will face many surprises in coming days. But if any damage is caused, Mufti family will be responsible for it, Mr Mir indicated. Launching scathing attack on NC and Mufti families, he said both encouraged family rule and kept aside the most dedicated and senior members in the cadre. This undemocratic move of these families will cost them dearly. He maintained that for him there was no much difference in both these families. He however, claimed that third front will be formed with the groups of democratic and secular ideology who will take along the public representatives and give due place and status. Unfortunately most of the parties have tried to divide the people from all the three regions, but third front would focus on joining people from all the regions and take along all people having same ideology.

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