March 2008 News

Coalition’s Divisive Policies Threat To State’s Unity: Omar

13 March 2008

Bani (Kathua): National Conference president Omar Abdullah Thursday said if the policies of the ruling coalition government go unchecked the unity of the state was under threat. Omar lashed out at the coalition, accusing it dividing people on lines of caste, region, and religion. He said only National Conference provided a balanced government that ensured justice was done with the three regions. “The forces that are playing regional card stand exposed before the general public, and it is the need of the hour that they are taught a lesson,” Omar said. “The J&K has a history of tolerance and communal harmony; it can’t be broken with cheap politics.” Expressing concern over the plight of farmers, lack of proper crop pricing, drought in various parts of the country, and lack of relief measures, Omar said his party would address the issues of power, roads, and water supply in rural areas, which “the coalition has miserably failed to address.” The National Conference would soon issue its election manifesto and the priority of the party will be to fight poverty, promote agricultural growth and employment opportunities for the youth, and help small and medium industries, and decentralize power. “Most parts of the rural Jammu and Kashmir still lack roads, power, water and health care facilities,” he said adding, “The government is more concerned with creating hype and getting media publicity than delivering at the ground level.”

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