Displaced Kashmiri Pandits Stage Demonstration Against Yasin Malik

19 March 2008

New Delhi: Kashmiri Pandits displaced by militancy over the previous 19 years, today staged a demonstration here against Yasin Malik, the leader of the separatist Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), who they alleged was responsible for theirmisery. Yasin Malik is in the Indian capital to participate in a media conclave. The protesters claimed that the plight of Hindus in Kashmir has deteriorated because of people like Malik. “I am a displaced Kashmiri. These people have driven us out of our homeland where we have been living since times immemorial. This man, Yasin Malik, has committed many crimes. He has killed four Air Force personnel who were waiting for a bus. He killed Sarala and .put her body on a saw machine. He has killed many others,” said Rashnik Kher, a displaced Kashmiri Hindu. They demanded that Malik be arrested immediately. “Our demand is to arrest him immediately. Two cases are pending against him with the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). One related to the kidnapping of Rubiya Sayeed and the killings of four air force people. For the last 18 years, the CBI did nothing against him,” added Kher. Officials say over 250,000 Hindus in Muslim-dominated Kashmir migrated to more secure homes across India at the start of the separatists’ rebellion in 1989. JKLF, which was at the forefront of the insurgency in 1989, declared ceasefire in 1994 and it is waging a political battle for independence of Kashmir from both India and Pakistan.