Tibetans, Pandits victims of genocide, exodus: PK

22 March 2008
The Daily Excelsior

Not Sepecified: Panun Kashmir (PK), chairman, Dr Agnishekhar has expressed his serious concern over the conditions prevailing in Tibet. While criticizing the massive crackdown of the Chinese authorities on Tibetans , he said the hapless people have for years suffered persecution and religious suffocation. The PK leader, while addressing a meeting of the activists of the organization here, today expressed solidarity with Tibetan people. The meeting accused China of committing naked aggression against Tibetan people which it has annexed illegally. The China was now trying to destroy the ancient Tibetan civilization by committing cultural genocide of its people, he added. He said Tibetans and Kashmiri Pandits are victims of genocide and exodus. While the Tibetans are the victims of Chinese imperialism, the Kashmiri Pandits have suffered at the hands of theo-fascist right wing of Pakistan which has also illegally annexed a part of Kashmir and ceded a portion of it to China. Dr Agnishekhar said that Kashmiris have centuries old relations with Tibetan people. The Kashmiri Pandits used to visit Tibet and have played their role in the spread of Buddhism and spirituality, he added. He said KP Buddhist monks used to travel to China, particularly Tibet to propagate Mahayana Buddhism as part of propagation of Buddhism in Central Asia, China and Ladakh. He said Indians have always revered Tibet as the place of Kailash and Mansarovar and a seat of highest knowledge and spirituality. The meeting appealed to the world conscience to come in support of Tibetan people and help to stop Chinese aggression and use of force against them. The meeting among other senior leaders was attended by Daya Krishen Koul and Virender Raina.