‘Delhi Fearing Chinese Interference In Kashmir’, Farooq Abdullah

26 March 2008
Greater Kashmir
Harmeet Singh

Jammu: Former Chief Minister and National Conference (NC) patron Dr Farooq Abdullah Wednesday said that Delhi was maintaining silence over Tibet issue as it feared that supporting Tibet struggle would result in the interference of China in Kashmir. BJP and central government is scared of Chinese interference in Kashmir and know that any comment on Tibet autonomy would affect Kashmir. Thus they are silent on Tibet issue, Dr Abdullah said while interacting with media on the first anniversary of Jambo Times, a weekly news paper. Dr Abdullah said how one could believe Advani when being Home Minister of India he was unaware of what his External Affairs Minister was going to do in Kandhar after aircraft hijack. Dr Farooq Abdullah has accused the former deputy prime minister of misrepresentation of facts. Reacting to the disclosures in his book, Farooq said Advani’s accusations were baseless. “After passing the autonomy resolution in the Assembly, we presented five copies of the document to the Home ministry through intelligence sources, but when I next went to New Delhi, I was told the ministry had not received the document. I then personally presented a copy to the Home ministry, but the then prime minister called me to Delhi and plainly refused to accept the autonomy demand,” he said, adding the NC would prefer to die than surrender on autonomy. “If at all they gave me any option and we bowed before any pressure from Delhi just for the sake of power as alleged by PDP leadership, then why Arun Jaitly, Law Minister of NDA Government, studied thoroughly the autonomy report and discussed in detail the matter with me,” Dr Farooq questioned. He accused the Centre of imposing PDP on the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their vested interests. “They forced PDP on the people of Jammu and Kashmir as they don’t want NC any more,” he said. Dr Abdullah said that BJP is already against Article 370 of Indian Constitution and has always tried to dilute the issue. “The latest book by Advani is a step ahead to further weaken the issue and thus it is no way a surprise for me. I know the policies of BJP,” he said. Lal Krishan Advani’s much publicised book ‘My Country- My Life’ has stirred a hornet’s nest in Jammu and Kashmir. Startling exposures have been made by the former deputy prime minister and the BJP leader in his book as to how the National Conference leadership traded the autonomy resolution passed by the Assembly in June 2000 for power with the then NDA Government. In this election year in Jammu and Kashmir, the PDP does not want to let go any opportunity to corner the National Conference. PDP President Mehbooba Mufti has already asked the National Conference to apologise to the people of state “for having compromised their honour and dignity for power.” She said Advani revealed the National Conference leadership was firmly told by the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee that the autonomy resolution would not be accepted at any cost and if NC wanted, they were free to leave the NDA.