Hike in rentals for land hired by armed forces in J&K

4 April 2008
The Hindu

NEW DELHI: The Centre has announced a hike in rentals for the land hired or requisitioned by the Armed Forces in Jammu and Kashmir. The hike is in the range of 2.1 to 5 times for various categories of lands. The revised rate structure will come into effect with retrospective effect from February 16 this year and will remain in force for five years — until 2013. The measure, taken at the initiative of the Defence Minister A.K. Antony, will provide succour to the people of the State who would now get a realistic payment for their land. For the Class-1 category of irrigated land, the rate per canal per annum has been increased from Rs.1,125 to Rs.3,381 while for the ‘irrigated double-crop’ category, it has been increased from Rs.1,688 to Rs. 4,087 per canal per annum. For the Class-II category of irrigated land, the rate has been increased from Rs.1,125 to Rs.3,200 and for the unirrigated category, the new rate is Rs.1,390 as against the previous figure of Rs.563. For Class-III uncultivable category, the increase is from the existing Rs.413 to the new figure of Rs.895. For the fruit bearing orchards, the hike is substantial — from the present Rs.1,575 to Rs.10,000 per canal per annum. For the land falling under Jammu Municipal Corporation, Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Poonch Municipal Council and Srinagar-Jammu Cantonment areas, the rate has been raised from Rs.6,750 to Rs.33,750. The rate for lands falling under other Municipal Councils has been increased from Rs.3,375 to Rs.16,875 while for lands falling under Municipal Committees, Rs.2,700 has been revised to Rs.13,500 per canal per annum.