NC-PDP Diatribe Continues NC Asks PDP To Apologize Its ‘misdeeds’

11 April 2008

Jammu: National today said that Peoples Democratic Party has not denied that the Indian High Commission in Pakistan fixed Mehbooba Mufti’s appointment with Pakistani leaders Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharief during her visit to the country. “The PDP spokesman has made a vehement effort to justify the role of Indian High Commission in Pakistan in fixing her appointment,” a press release issued here today by NC said. Member Legislative Council and NC president’s Media Advisor, Devender Singh Rana, said that Omar Abdullah has never ever denied his role in Union Council of Minister but to pickup his sentences here and there without referring to the context in which these were made and the circumstances on the ground prevailing then was unjustified and misleading. He said the roles of the PDP Patron as state Congress president and union home minister was well known to the people of the state. “Jagmohan’s appointment (as J&K governor), numerous massacre in Kashmir that followed, firing on Moulvi Farooq’s funeral procession and the migration of Kashmiri Pandits, not to speak of his role of getting Advani released from jail during the infamous rath yatra all speak volumes of the role of the PDP Patron (Mufti Sayeed) viz-a-viz Kashmir and need a lot of explaining by the PDP which they have by a design avoided to clarify,” Rana said. Claiming that NC had publicly apologized its misdeeds, Rana advised PDP to “emulate NC and publicly apologize for its and its leaders misdeeds”. Omar Abdullah did meet President Musharaf during his Pakistan visit, Rana said while denying that the meeting was fixed by the Indian High Commissioner. “Omar’s appointment was fixed through a NC Member Parliament who used his back channel contacts and a number of non-resident Kashmiris to do so,” Rana claimed. Omar during his meeting with the President Musharaf did not discuss anything related to the property of Abdullah’s in Pakistan, Rana said, “if it can be proved that Omar discussed any such personal matter with President Musharaf during their meeting, Omar will quit politics that very same day.” ” PDP was unnecessarily raking up controversies by not clarifying their president’s role in Pakistan and who’s mandate was she carrying and who was she representing while in Pakistan,” Rana said. Rana claimed that some political groups in the state were indulging in petty politicking to create confusion in the minds of the people of state. “All political parties should rise above their political interests and work towards finding a tangible, long-lasting, viable and sustainable solution to the Kashmir problem rather than making the water more murky,” Rana added.