'Kashmiri Muslims Keen For Pandits' Return To Valley'

16 April 2008

Jammu: Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir were determined for an honourable and dignified return of displaced Kashmiri pandits to their native places without any condition, a voluntary group for Kashmiri solidarity said in Jammu on Thursday. 'Our efforts are fully directed towards this noble cause as Muslims in the valley feel that Kashmir is incomplete without Pandit brethren,' President of United Kashmiriyat Forum (UKF) Bharat Raina said. After unfortunate turmoil in the valley, a need was felt by the youth of the state to revive the age-old 'Kashmiriyat', which meant living in communal harmony and having respect for human values, he said. The forum, which has its main office in Srinagar, had come to Jammu alongwith representatives of both minority and majority community, to meet displaced Kashmiri pandits and seek their cooperation for their honourable return to their native places.