Mufti’s Pak Currency Demand Finds Takers In Hurriyat (M)

17 April 2008

Srinagar: The Geelani faction of the Hurriyat Conference has rejected Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s proposal of introducing Pakistani currency in the state, while, in an interesting turn of events, the Mirwaiz-led faction of the alliance has welcomed the proposal from what is generally regarded as a pro-India party. Talking to the KNS, Geelani said that the Pak currency demand was the latest flourish from pro-India leaders, and his alliance had nothing to do with such proposals. “These are new efforts to confuse the people of the state and complicate the Kashmir issue further,” he said. “Kashmir is a dispute, and these proposals are meaningless unless concrete and decisive efforts are made to resolve the basic issue,” he said. “Currency has its place and the Kashmir issue has its. These proposals will not make a difference to the nature and status of the Kashmir issue,” he said. Describing pro-India leaders as Indian agents, Geelani said that advocates of self-rule, joint control and now the currency demand were solely working to perpetuate the Indian occupation of Kashmir, and basically they wanted to strengthen the position of India. “Kashmiris want a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue, and instead of testing its might, India must display realism without delay and give priority to resolving the Kashmir issue strictly in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people,” he said. “We don’t further confusion to be created in Kashmir, and no one will be allowed to trifle with the sacrifices of Kashmiris,” he said. “Indian agents try to create confusion by holding rallies and advancing all sorts of proposals to fulfill their own interests, but the Hurriyat Conference will declare any such proposal as unacceptable because it wants the Kashmir issue to be resolved under the resolutions of the United Nations. On the other hand, the senior leader of the Mirwaiz-led Hurriyat Conference, Maulana Abbas Ansari, said that his alliance put forward the currency proposal long back and the then prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee has concurred with the suggestion. “We not only favour Pakistani currency in the state, but also want that all SAARC countries have a common currency,” he said. “Be it Mufti Muhammad Sayeed or any other leader who make such a proposal, we will consider it propitious,” he said. “The Hurriyat wants a start to the permanent resolution of the Kashmir from somewhere, and we want to make it clear that a resolution cannot not be expected until a bridge of trust springs up between India and Pakistan,” he said. “The Hurriyat favours softening of borders and permitting travel merely on identity cards. This will mingle people from both sides and it will be easier to include the leaderships on both sides in the final resolution of the Kashmir issue,” he said. He said that travel across the LoC should be made easy and simple as it had been made in case of Nepal. “Kashmir is the real issue, and both India and Pakistan will have to move forward taking the Kashmiri people along to resolve it,” he said.