Youth In Kashmir Ready To Go For Prosperity – No Matter What Hizb Say Their Days Are Numbered

21 April 2008
Sudhir Chadda

New Delhi: 'We are peace-loving people but we cannot promote a peace process at the cost of our martyrs,' Salahuddin, who is also head of a militant alliance, told a rally in Muzaffarabad, capital of the Pakistan occupied Kashmir. 'We want to convey a message to the ... political and religious leadership in Pakistan and at the same time to the Indian rulers that until every single inch of Kashmir is freed from New Delhi's slavery, our struggle will continue with full force,' he said. But the problem for the Salahuddin is the youth of Kashmir on both sides if the Line of Control. The Kashmiri youths belive people like Salahuddin are responsible for all the trouble. They want prosperity, jobs, and opportunity to succeed like any one else in world. The militants can only spread hatred and propaganda. The reality is that people of Kashmir want economic prosperity . They realize it is on no use to become another ‘Bangladesh’ of the world.