CPI (M) Silent On Its Kashmir Stand

23 April 2008

Srinagar: The state secretary of the CPI (M), MY Targami, today maintained silence over his party’s stand on Kashmir which has sought to defend China’s case in Tibet by tracing its similarity with India’s position in state. The party had dragged the Kashmir issue into the debate over protests in Tibet for independence. Its central committee member, Nilotpal Basu, had termed China as a “victim of western moralizing just like India was on Kashmir issue.” Talking to a national newspaper Basu had said, “The West was helping Pakistan by raking up the issue of human rights violations in J&K and India was the victim of Western designs. Similar is the case with China where West is using the Tibet issue to paint China as a violator of human rights.” “I wouldn’t comment on this issue,” Tarigami told media persons on the sidelines of a rally here protesting against the government for price hike of essential commodities. Earlier addressing the rally Targami lashed out at the Congress-led coalition government for “befooling” people with empty slogans. “Nowadays, politicians are making big promises and boasting of some achievements but I ask them to visit rural and far flung areas and see for themselves how poverty is eating up our people,” Targami said. In an apparent reference to PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s proposal of allowing Pakistan currency in the state, Targami said, “It would hardly matter to a poor man which currency is used in Kashmir since it (currency) has always been looted by the powerful persons,” Targami said. He said CPM supports an idea of common currency among SAARC nations. Targami attacked the government for failing to control the price rise. “The prices of eatables like rice, sugar, pulses, flour, cooking oil, kerosene oil and LPG has touched the skies. People are being snatched of their basic rights to live due to the government’s failure to control the price hike,” Targami said. According to Targami, the CPM supported by the Mulayam Singh’ Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, Chanderbabu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party in Tamil Naidu and National Conference have decided to launch an agitation throughout India against UPA headed by Congress for failing to control rise in prices. Targami asked government to bring 14 commodities including rice, sugar, cooking oil and fuel, under Public Distribution System (PDS). “I ask the government to universalize the PDS in the state rather than fixing it as a targeted one,” Targami said.