Blasts At LeT Ammo Depot Nail Pak Lies

27 April 2008
Times Internet Limited

New Delhi: Exposing Pakistanís claims of dismantling terrorist infrastructure in PoK as hollow, an ammunition depot of Lashkar-e-Taibaís terrorist camp caught fire, leading to several blasts in Muzaffarabad on Sunday evening. 'Panic gripped the residents as the blasts, which began around 6pm IST, continued for about two hours,' the president of Jammu & Kashmir National Students Federation, Mehmood Beigh, told TOI from Muzaffarabad over phone. He said the terrorist camp is located inside the limits of Muzaffarabad Municipal Corporation at Chila Bandi near Shaive canal. 'ISI and police have blocked all roads leading to the camp. Journalists and common people arenít being allowed into the area,' he said. Another top-ranking Muzaffarabad-based JKNSF leader, Raja Saba, said Pakistani authorities are unlikely to ever accept that the blasts actually took place, as it would expose the Pakistan governmentís lies about the nonexistence of terrorist camps in Muzaffarabad. 'They will give it a different colour, claiming that gas cylinders exploded. After the civilian government took over, ISIís activities have picked up here. ISI is trying to lure locals into joining the terror camps,' Raja said. Indeed, there has been much activity: ISI is reported to have recently organized three conferences to get terrorist camps up and running. In fact, the Hizbul Mujahideen chief last week addressed an ISI-backed conference in Muzaffarabad and vowed to continue jihad. 'They are trying to recruit terrorists for jihad in Kashmir. ISI is supplying in money and providing arms to terrorists to revamp the terror infrastructure in Kashmir. Todayís blast took place in one of those camps which have received fresh arms and ammunition,' Raja added. Muzaffarabad-based journalist Tariq Naqqash said, 'Apparently, LeT cadres have stopped even the police and the local administration officials from entering the area.' They are being stopped about half a km from the blast site, he added. 'I am waiting for an official statement but the authorities are tightlipped.' Arif Shahid - of All-Party National Alliance, a leading organisation against Pakistan rule in PoK - said terror camps continue to train hardcore terrorists for jihad in Kashmir. 'Weíve been crying ourselves hoarse and asking Islamabad to throw these jihadis out of our land. We donít want them here. But our repeated pleas have been falling on deaf ears,' he said. 'Extremist elements in Pakistan continue to lure the youths towards jihad. Not just this, ISI continues to get foreign nationals - Afghans, Saudis and Arabs - for Kashmir jihad.' He said the training camps were running under the garb of hospitals. Kashmiri nationalists, resenting Islamabadís occupation of PoK, have been running campaigns against the terror camps. In 2007, JKNSF organised a march against terrorist camps in PoK after LeT terrorists abducted a Muzaffarabad University student. There are believed to be at least 36 jihadi training camps in PoK, housing about 3,660 cadres. Majority of these camps are located in Muzaffarabad and Kotli. LeT maintains, among others, the Danna and Abdul-Bin-Masud camps in Muzaffarabad and Badli camp in Kotli with 500, 300 and 300 jihadis respectively. Similarly, Hizbul has, among others, the Jangal Mangal camp in Muzaffarabad and another one at Mangla with at least 300 cadres each. Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir, while saying that there has been a decrease in violence, have repeatedly maintained that terrorist infrastructure in PoK remains alive and kicking.