Pakistan Must Respond Positively To Kashmir Specific Confidence Building Measure

28 April 2008

Srinagar: The pro-Indian Kashmiri woman leader, Mehbooba Mufti has expressed the hope that substantive action would follow Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's latest assertion of opening cross-LoC road links in Kashmir for the free movement of people and goods. The pro-Indian Kashmiri woman leader said the Indian Prime Minister's reiteration to carry forward the confidence building process by taking more initiatives to strengthen the bonds between the people on both sides of the LoC in Kashmir, must get translated into reality to ensure peace and stability in the State and the region. 'We hope that cross-LoC movement of people and trade would constitute the core of the upcoming Indo-Pak composite dialogue process,' she said and added, 'The people of Kashmir expect positive response from the Pakistani leadership to such initiatives'. She said if Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline, despite passing through the most volatile areas in the region, is now becoming a reality, why is it that all kinds of security concerns are raised when it comes to J&K-specific confidence building measures. 'I think the political leadership of India and Pakistan must lead from the front to cut through the security syndrome created by the vested interests when it comes to resolution of the Kashmir issue through confidence building measures,' she said.