Bhutto Buried Kashmir Cause In Shimla: Azam Inquilabi

7 May 2008
Shariq Mohammad

Srinagar: When Shimla accord was signed in 1972, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Bhutto had given in writing that Pakistan will not support Kashmir cause. This startling revelation was made by pro-freedom leader, Muhammad Azam Inquilabi while speaking at a seminar on “Right to self determination and Hurriyat conference” held in connection with the 32nd foundation day of Mahaz-i- Azadi.“While signing Shimla accord, Zulfiqar Bhutto had clearly mentioned that Pakistan will not support Kashmir cause. However, pro-freedom leader Sofi Mohammad Akbar on May 7, 1977 announced that the struggle for Kashmir cause will continue and the blood of the martyrs will not be wasted at any cost,” Mahaz-i-Azadi patron, Inqlabi said. Inqlabi urged India to give up its “stubbornness” on Kashmir issue and accept the demands put forth by Hurriyat Conference. “The demands which include demolition of LOC, demilitarization of war affected areas and appointment of single political party from Srinagar to Muzaffarabad, should immediately be addressed,” he said. Inqlabi added that it is every Kashmiri’s birth right to decide whether Kashmir should go with Pakistan or be a separate entity. Reiterating the need for inclusion of Kashmiris in the resolution of Kashmir issue, senior Hurriyat (M) leader Abdul Gani Bhat said, “If anyone from Delhi or Islamabad or any other country chooses to force its will on Kashmiris then that country is not democratic but rather colonizer or imperialist.” “India can silence or suppress our sentiments only for some time but it can not kill them,” he said, adding,” Kashmiris know how to safeguard their right to self determination.” Saying that Pakistan was the only country which helped to put forth Kashmir cause and deserved appraise, senior Hurriyat (M) leader, Shabir Ahmad Shah said, “For the past 60 years we have been fighting for the right to self determination.” “We will continue our struggle till the right to self determination is granted,” he said, adding that custodial deaths, disappearances and other human rights violations will never suppress Kashmiris.