Smart Fences For J&K Airbases

23 May 2008

Chandigarh: The IAF is installing smart power fences to guard its bases located in Jammu and Kashmir. These fences would be sensitive to motion and body heat and detect any breach of the airbase’s perimeter. Four bases have been identified for installation of these fences. These include Srinagar, Avantipur, Jammu and Leh, IAF sources revealed. The procurement process for this is stated top be in the final stages. Such fences would later be installed around other vital airbases and establishments, particularly those located in the North-East or those housing sensitive equipment and weaponry, sources added. According to a senior IAF officer, the need for such fences to improve security at airbases located in terrorist affected areas had been felt for a long time. The process had gathered momentum after suicide attacks on certain IAF bases in Srinagar, Awantipur and Guwahati some time ago. Security of IAF airbases in J&K is imperative because of the prevailing situation in the terrorist-hit state. Besides being the life-line for troops in the northern sector as well as for civilians in times of distress, the IAF is also providing support to the Army in its on-going counter-terrorist operations. IAF resources in the J&K sector are being used to provide real-time intelligence on the movement of terrorists, monitoring movements along the Line of Control and photo-reconnaissance. IAF sources said that smart fences would also help in rationalising manpower and resources for manning the perimeter and help in providing early warning in case of any intrusion. In addition, there have also been cases of civilians and vagabonds intruding into IAF establishments. There were two reported cases in Chandigarh last year, one in which the intruder had scaled the boundary wall and was found loitering near the dispersal bay. The IAF is also procuring about 1,100 night vision goggles for use by personnel on security duties at air force stations. About 170 such goggles have already been issued to various units.