Sharif 'vindicated' By Kiani's Kargil Secret

10 June 2008

New Delhi: A day after a close aide of Pakistan's President Musharraf opened a pandora's box saying that the then Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not privy to plans to launch the Kargil Operation, Nawaz Sharif has spoken out. In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN, Sharif says he now stands vindicated. “You all suspected me, thought I was speaking lies. But now Musharraf's closest aides confirm what I was saying, and come out with certain facts which now vindicate my position,” he said. On the issue of resolving the Kashmir dispute, former Pakistan PM disagrees with PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari. He believes that Kashmir cannot be relegated to the back burner. “Nothing can be put on the backburner. I think we need to address all issues, including Kashmir simultaneously. It is possible to find solution to all problems. Personally I feel a solution to Kashmir should be acceptable not only to the people of Pakistan, but the people of India as well as the people of Kashmir,” he said.