Nawaz approved Kargil ‘misadventure’: new book

13 June 2008
The Daily Times

Islamabad: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief and former premier Nawaz Sharif was aware of the situation in Kargil in 1999 through the then defence secretary who had been briefed on the situation, a new book on the Pakistan Army has quoted a senior army official as saying. The book, ‘Crossed Swords’, by former army chief Asif Nawaz’s brother Shuja Nawaz, quotes Lieutenant General Khawaja Ziauddin as saying that Nawaz was “in the loop”. Quoting excerpts, The Hindustan Times said on Friday that if the account were correct, it conflicted with Nawaz’s denials that he was not aware of what Musharraf and his generals had planned during Kargil. “It backs Musharraf’s contention that ‘everyone was on board’ the Kargil misadventure,” the report adds. Shuja’s interview with Ziauddin, who was Inter-Services Intelligence boss during Kargil, also reveals that Mullah Muhammad Rabbani, the Afghan president in 1999, offered Pakistan 500,000 Afghan ‘volunteers’ for the Kashmir ‘jihad’. daily times monitor