Tehreek Cautions Bureaucrats

13 June 2008

Srinagar: Tehreek Hurriyat today lashed out at the pro-India parties accusing them of working against the interests of Kashmiris and cautioned bureaucrats for acting as facilitators in the designs of changing demography of the State. Addressing a gathering at Varmul today, Tehreek Hurriyat leader, Masrat Alam, said that pro-India politicians were trying to confuse people by their sloganeering. “I know of Muzaffer Hussain Baig’s speech in Jammu in which he stated that demilitarization meant that the weapons should be given to them to fight extremists,” he said accusing him (Baig) of working for agencies. Masarat lashed out at the people “who are changing loyalties” and said Yaqoob Vakil, Saif Din Shatro, and Khaliq Haneef have not played any significant role in the freedom struggle and now they switched their loyalties and are being projected as ‘big guns’. He said they have been insignificant people and would continue to remain so. He said they have committed bigger sins and their change of loyalty should not confuse people. Masrat said that there was a move to change the demography of the Jammu and Kashmir and described Sharda Peeth, yatris and flow labourers as deliberate attempts to change the population complexion of the state. He said that voice would be raised in every nook and corner against this dangerous ‘conspiracy’. He said the state bureaucracy has become facilitator in this conspiracy and warned them of social boycott and disclosure of their names if they continued to facilitate the transfer of land to the Shrine Board. He said he welcomed the statements of Sheikh Aziz and Shabir Ahmad Shah. “They gave statements which were praiseworthy and we welcomed them. But when they give statement which are not right ones, we have no hesitation in criticizing them,” he said. He said that Moulvis should not participate in functions of the army. He said that this create confusion among the masses. Later Masrat marched up to the residences of the militants, Tanveer Ahmad and Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan and expressed solidarity with their families.