Green Houses To Double Walnut Production In J- K

22 June 2008

Srinagar: The Horticulture department of Jammu and Kashmir Government has opened hi-tech poly-houses in the valley to increase walnut production. The department has planted 4000 dwarf walnut trees there. Walnut industry in the valley is worth 200 crore rupees, which may double with these high tech green houses, hoped Asifa Nabi, in-charge of a hi-tech green house. “We have benefited a lot from it. This time we have accommodated 4000 walnut plants, 2000 walnut plants per green house in two green houses,” said Asifa Nabi, in-charge of hi- tech green house. Temperature remains constant at 34- 35 degree round the year and the moisture level is maintained, she added. This new concept has generated hopes among the local farmers. “Earlier the local walnut trees used to yield fruits in 10-15 years but now it fructifies just in 2-3 years. Its quality is good and it occupies less space. Earlier walnut tree used to occupy 40 feets but now it can be grown in 18 feets,” said Jalil Rather, a farmer. Agriculture experts also hope if the farmers plant these dwarf walnut trees, the walnut market is likely to double or even triple. Beside, sending walnuts to other states, they are also exported.