'Kashmiris May Have Joined Al Qaeda'

2 July 2008

New Delhi: Confirming TIMES NOW's Special Report on indigenous Kashmiris joining the Al Qaeda. Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor has said that he did not rule out the presence of Kashmiris in the terrorist organisation. TIMES NOW had accessed a confidential army report confirming for the first time that Jammu and Kashmir is facing a threat from groups of Kashmiri youth trained by Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The report also said that the Kashmiri Qaeda and Taliban cadre are being assisted by Pak's intelligence agency the ISI to carry out terror strikes on Indian soil. The Army Chief has now gone on to confirm your channel's report saying categorically that he didn't rule out the possibility of indigenous Kashmiris having joined the al qaeda. At a press conference on the Kashmir issue, when quizzed about the report, Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor confrimed the contents and said, 'I dont think I'd like to rule out the possibility of the presence of Kashmiris in the terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda. It is based on a certain amount for fundamental criticism and a certain amount of Jehadist tendency for which they are trying to do some kind of Jehad wherever they go. So that possibility can never be overlooked.' General Deepak Kapoor also added that there is also a possibility of militants belonging to foriegn origin being part of the terrorist organisation. With the elections just around the corner there is a possibility of militants creating trouble. This fact was confirmed by Gen Deepak Kapoor who said thats the army is indeed expecting militants to create trouble just before the elections in an attempt to disrupt them. Yesterday 11 infiltrators were caught and gunned down. This is a definite sign that militants have been entering India.