Hurriyat Pours Scorn At Azad’s Assembly Speech

8 July 2008

Srinagar: The Hurriyat (G) today said that if Ghulam Nabi Azad was a true Gandhian, he should advise Indian rulers not to keep Kashmiris enslaved by military might but give them the chance to exercise their right of self determination. Reacting to Azad’s speech in the assembly on Monday, the spokesman of the Hurriyat (G), Ayaz Akbar, said that the entire speech was loaded with alarm and frustration. “But we don’t deem it appropriate to blame him too much because the situation he is beset with makes such words inevitable,” he said. “The speech was understandable for obvious reasons, because people act in desperate ways in such circumstances,” he said. “The face that Azad saw of the inner feelings of Kashmiris during the recent agitation must have been unexpected and unfamiliar for him, because born though he was in the Bhalesa area of Doda, he has spent most of his life in the Nehru kitchen in New Delhi,” he said. “Azad sahib knows only what his masters in Delhi have taught him about Kashmir and Kashmiris. By openly giving vent to their suppressed aspirations, Kashmiris have held up a mirror for Azad and India, who have lost their composure and poise on seeing their reflected visage,” he said. “From the opulent assembly complex, Azad sahib has been driven to the run-down Congress office, and it will certainly take him a few days to collect himself. Later, he should ponder on the situation with a cool mind, and he will realize that realities don’t change by his saying so, and Kashmir can never become the atoot ang of India,” he said. “Because no Kashmiri accepts the occupation with his heart. Every child here is a champion of freedom. It is only Bhat sahib who is content with the pen name Azad,” he said. “Azad sahib may well be impressed by Gandhian philosophy, but by enslaving Kashmiris forcibly, his masters have practically renounced that ideology,” he said. “By his uncalled for criticism of the Hurriyat leadership, Azad sahib has diminished his stature immeasurably. No home in Kashmir has remained unaffected during the ongoing freedom struggle. While the army wreaked untold oppression on the common people, the Hurriyat leadership, too, was not spared but put through the rigours of prison and jail,” he said. “Had Azad sahib faced such situations himself, he would have preferred to be a hermit in a jungle rather than a politician with power and pelf,” he said.