Azam Inqilabi Warns India For New Phase Of Militancy In Kashmir

10 July 2008
Kashmir Watch

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Mahaz-I-Azadi (MeA) patron Mohammad Azam Inquilabi has warned India to get ready for a new phase of militancy if it continues to supress the political mass movement represented by the new generation of Kashmir under the banner of APHC. According to the press release issued here today Mr Inqilabi said that it is mandatory on the part of youth of Jammu Kashmir that for the freedom of the State, Kashmiris have rendered innumerable sacrifices for the wider cause (Azadi “freedom”) and as a part of solidarity youth of Kashmir must come out to make the forthcoming elections a complete falloff show and craft clear message to west and to the civilized community of world that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are democratically proactive against elections which are held within the ambit of Indian Constitution. He said that it must be clear to all that Kashmir is a disputed territory and its inhabitants have not decided their future yet. Inquilabi has appealed to the Kashmiri youth to add vigour to anti-election campaign so that the stooges at the behest of Delhi who intend to participate in the elections ,even their own family members should deny to caste a vote. These selfish elements are trying to transcend that Kashmir movement is a battle of chair but actually it is their illusion and world community has come to the reality that Kashmiris are peace loving people and are demanding their genuine right as guaranteed by UNO. He added that Freedom struggle will continue with full dynamism and vitality- peacefully and democratically . “It seems as if Delhi Government is frustrated with the indigenous freedom struggle of Kashmiris - who presently working on diversion budge but common stock of people living in all the fours of Kashmir know that their movement is based on precise and are erudite about the further course of resistance”, Azam said. There are umpteen examples that Kashmir has been converted into a military cantonment, the highest seat of learning in Kashmir (University of Kashmir) has been transformed into a gargantuan police concentration camp and police at present is playing the role of infamous renegades like Ikhwanis. Azam said. Inquilabi maintained that Police officers and cops must explore the sentiment of patriotism - in towns and villages should shun the harassment of youth, who have articulated anguish against the anti Kashmir and anti- Freedom policies of India and people of Kashmir have demonstrated in opposition to it- peacefully in every nook and corner of the valley; moreover it took 15 years to Hurriyat to train the up- coming Youth about the pacifist role to fight against Indian Barbarism and illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir. Azam Inquilabi reiterated that State Administration in connivance with New Delhi are presently on the budge of Nazi theory of oppression. Azam warned that if the youth will again enter into the violent epoch then it will have the severe consequences for which India is solely responsibly. Though there is no denial of the fact that Kashmiris have aroused from the non-violent culture and in early 90’s entered into non- violent one and now what next…God knows better!