Kashmir solution imperative: Musharraf

21 July 2008
The News International

Murree: President Pervez Musharraf on Monday underlined that peaceful solution to lingering Kashmir dispute is crucial adding Pakistan wants its solution according to the aspirations of Kashmiris. The president expressed these views during his meeting with AJK Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan here. Well-placed Sources told Online that the meeting lasted for quite a while in which both the leaders discussed the rehabilitation and reconstruction work taking place in quake affected areas and problems faced by the people of Kashmir. The AJK PM briefed the president about the ongoing process of rehabilitation of affectees of October 8, 2005 devastating earthquake. He lauded the role of President Musharraf for highlighting the Kashmir issue regionally and internationally. On the other hand, President Pervez Musharraf highly acclaimed the robust services of Sardar Attique in challenging and tough circumstances. The president made it clear to the AJK prime minister that no decision regarding the ongoing Kashmir dispute would be acceptable unless the wishes of Kashmiri people were taken into consideration. He further said that the process of rehabilitation of affectees of the earthquake and Mangla Dam upraising project should be expedited. Meanwhile talking to Tehsil Nazim Murree Sardar Salim Khan, who called on him at the presidential annexe, President Musharraf termed the local government system as basis of democracy and emphasised that wrapping up of this system would harm the democratic structure. He said the local government system has been a great catalyst in solving the problems faced by the public and enables the proactive elements of society to participate in community work and development related activities. It has also removed rural-urban divide. He said with the LG system powers have been decentralised at grassroots level, which enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. The president said instead of rolling back the system, which would be detrimental to democracy, it can be improvised with the advice of the nazims. Reiterating his full support to the LG system and the nazims, he said the LG system is fully protected by the constitution and all nazims of the country have no political affiliations. On the occasion the Murree nazim apprised the president of various development projects and also briefed him about the alleged vindictive policies of the present government of Punjab against the nazims. Later the president planted a sapling in Murree as part of the ongoing monsoon tree plantation campaign.