Farooq Siddiqi Warns Fundamentalist Forces

30 July 2008

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (R) chairman Farooq Siddiqi has warned fundamentalists to stop instigating the communal forces in the Jammu province against Muslims. In a statement here, a JKLF spokesman quoting Siddiqi said, “Threatening with economic blockade is ridiculous and reflects ignorance of Indian polity about Kashmiris resilience as a nation, its fertile lands and its enormous resources. We’ve in the past and we will in future self-sustain ourselves and even feed hundreds of thousands of foreign workers from outside who come to Kashmir to earn livelihood.” “Kashmiris have historically never been dependent on a supply line from Jammu and had always, for centuries had its trade through Rawalpindi Road and Ladakh, which will eventually be restored, as our natural trade link with out side world,” he said. The JKLF leader said that economic blockade as suggested by BJP is like shooting one’s own foot. He said that the unforgiving and harsh realities on the ground make “freedom” the only viable option for Kashmir.