Jammu Violence Deadlier Than Militancy: Beig

2 August 2008
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: Senior PDP leader and former deputy chief minister of the state, Muzaffar Hussain Beig, today said that 20 years of militancy had not inflicted the kind of damage in Jammu and Kashmir as done by a handful of communalists in Jammu in a few weeks. Speaking to the KNS on phone from New Delhi, Beig expressed deep concern at the present situation in Jammu and said that it could create a grave crisis in the valley. “A few communalists in Jammu have blockaded the national highway because of which fruit is rotting in Kashmir and traders face losses worth crores of rupees,” he said. “Fruit traders have taken heavy loans from various banks, and if the government does not give them security, their produce will rot, which will have a direct impact on the banks as well,” he said. “The central government should seriously try to contain the situation, or otherwise things will get out of hand, triggering off a powerful mass movement which will be difficult to control,” he said. “A few communal parties in Jammu are responsible for the state of affairs, and they want to tear this state asunder and separate Kashmir from the country,” he said. Beig appealed to Sangh Parivar leaders not to trifle with the sentiments and aspirations of Kashmiris and with national integrity. “It would be better to call an all parties conference at the national level to organise public opinion to resolve the issue,” he said. “Had I not been in Delhi for treatment, I would have been shoulder to shoulder with fruit growers in their campaign,” he said.