‘Musharraf key figure in Pak’s Kashmiri militant project’

17 August 2008
The Indian Express

New Delhi: Close on the heels of growing global criticism over ISI’s links with Islamic militants, a leading US think-tank has said that Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is a key figure in Pakistan’s Kashmiri Islamist militant project. It also said that the US could officially designate the ISI as a terrorism-supporting entity. Stating that the ISI played a key role in the rise of transnational jihadism by cultivating Islamist militants for its own strategic purposes in Afghanistan and Kashmir, the Texas-based Intelligence analysis agency, Stratfor has said that “Pakistan lacks any institutional checks that could help maintain oversight over ISI operations.” Giving support to India’s long held view that ISI is patronising militants in Kashmir by giving them all possible help, Stratfor, which is a publisher of online geopolitical intelligence, in its recent report ‘Pakistan Anatomy of the ISI’ said the ISI had cultivated Kashmir-specific Islamist militant groups. The report also said though Pakistan is trying to maintain its status as an ally in the US war against terror, “there is evidence implicating the ISI in large-scale attacks in both Afghanistan and India.”