Indian Home Minister Refuses To Blame Pakistan For Present Uprising In Kashmir

22 August 2008
Associated Press of Pakistan

New Delhi: Indian Home Minister Shivraj Patil while refusing to blame Pakistan for the present uprising in occupied Kashmir said the government is working on a formula of “give and take’ to cool down emotions there. In an interview with ‘India Today’, the Home Minister when questioned whether Pakistan is responsible what is happening in Kashmir said “it is nothing but blame game... You are all the time asking me to blame this man or that man. “ When asked whether hoisting of Pakistani flag in Kashmir should not be condemned, he said: “by condemning, you get the pleasure of abusing somebody, but you don’t solve the problem.” He was of the view that the crisis is related to “emotions” and expressed confidence that the issue would be resolved in a “very short time”. “When matters are related to the emotions of the people, we should try to solve them as quickly as possible. I think we will be able to solve this matter in a very short time, “ he said.