Proof Of Terrorist Build-up Along J&K Border

2 September 2008
The Times of India

New Delhi: It is perhaps the most powerful proof yet of terrorist build up on the International border. TV channel TIMES NOW has accessed security footage that shows terrorists camping along the International Border in Jammu and waiting for the opportune moment to strike. As reported time and again, it is Pakistani troops who are aiding this exercise. At the Border Security Force (BSF) control room in RS Pura sector, footage showing black spots on the TV screen, each representing a militant moving surreptitiously along the International border has been accessed. The build up, monitored constantly with Intelligence inputs revealed that aleast 500 terrorists are hiding along the border plotting to strike. For the first time TIMES NOW has managed to access thermal images of the militant build up, which provides more proof of Pakistan's constant provocation. ML Garg, CO, RS Pura sector said, 'Movement of rangers with men in civies has been spotted in these areas.' Not just cover firing, Pakstan rangers even help the militants spot transit points. Des Raj, DIG BSF Frontier said, 'Rangers have installed gadgetry on their posts to detect points for crossing over to this side.' Following the child hostage crisis that ended in a bloody encounter between security forces and terrorists in this house in Jammu, proof of Pakistan backing the terror agenda to create more panic in the already troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir has surfaced.