UJC Disowns Shadowy Outfits

18 September 2008
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: The United Jehad Council (UJC), the Muzaffarabad-based amalgam of militant groups active in Kashmir, today dismissed the existence of the Save Kashmir Movement (SKM) and the Al Nasireen groups, saying that the statements issued under their name in newspapers today were the handiwork of Indian agencies. Meanwhile, the Al Nasireen group has disassociated itself from the statement that had warned Hurriyat leaders to join militants or keep silent and not issue calls for strike, KNS reported today. In a statement sent to the KNS, the spokesman of the UJC, Syed Sadaqat Hussain, said that the Save Kashmir Movement and the Al Nasireen groups had no existence before the Council. “We have no knowledge about these groups. They do not exist on the ground. They do not exist in the base camp, and they have no presence in the battle field,” the spokesman said. “By using attractive names like the Save Kashmir Movement and Al Nasireen, Indian agencies are trying to create misapprehensions in Kashmiri minds. The pro-freedom people must be vigilant against these sinister tactics,” he said. He said that the militant leadership fully supported and endorsed the current mass movement in full swing for the past two months against the illegal Indian occupation, and was always prepared to extend all forms of cooperation to it. He said that total unity and accord between pro-freedom organizations was an urgent need of the hour, and everyone should have the common aim and goal of freedom from India through the right of self determination. “The entire Kashmiri nation must wholeheartedly abide by the programmes of the coordination committee which represents all sections of the society so that the immense sacrifices offered for the cause bear fruit and the day of freedom dawns,” he said. Meanwhile, a statement from Al Nasireen said that it had no connection whatsoever with the Save Kashmir Movement statement published today, not did any Abu Zahid or Qari Umar have any links with the group. “The Save Kashmir Movement is hereby warned not to use the name of the Al Nasireen with absurd and controversial statements that pose a threat to the unity of the Kashmiri nation,” a spokesman calling himself Samiullah was reported to have said.