Terror of surrendered militants still haunts Gujjars, Bakerwals in Mahore

24 September 2008
The Daily Excelsior

Jammu: The Gujjar Bakerwal Front, Tehsil Mahore has demanded that cases be registered against all the surrendered militants of the area who were responsible for kidnapping and killing of hundreds of people during last two decades and burning down of their houses in the area. Talking to reporters here today, the chairman of the Front, Mukhtiar Ahmed said that people in the area have smelt a rat in these surrenders as not even a single surrendered militant has laid down his arms before the police till date. He said hundreds of families of Gujjars, Bakerwals and Hindus who have migrated to different parts of Jammu and to the safer zones in the area are scared of returning to their localities as they still apprehend threat from these militants. They (surrendered militants) are warning the local people not to take any confrontation with them as they still possess the arms and can strike at their will any time. 'There are no where abouts of the people kidnapped by them during last two decades and their family members are still waiting that they may come back', said Noor Hussain another member of the Front. He said that all these militants be interogated to know about the fate of these kidnapped people and if they have been killed then the bodies be handed over to their family members for their burial and claim of ex-gratia. Ahmed said all these surrendered militants wield political clout and the authorities have given total liberty to them. One of them is also brother-in-law of a former Minister, he added. One dead body of Mohammed Hussain, son of Fateh Mohammed was recovered in Thuru village three months back but till date no action was taken against the militants who killed him, said Azim Choudhary the uncle of deceased. Nazir Ahmed Thuru said that his mother was killed by these militants in 2001 but till date no ex-gratia was given by Government to the family. Criticizing the authorities for not arresting these surrendered militants, Ghulam Ali of Thuru whose six family members and a friend was killed by them in 2004, said if the Government fails to bring these terrorists to book and snatch their weapons they can spell a doom in the area.