India May One Day Lose Kashmir :Abdullah

30 September 2008
Kashmir Watch

New Delhi: Former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah blamed 'elements' in Delhi for the present turmoil in the valley and demanded corrective steps,as the separatists are beginning to grab attention again in Jammu and Kashmir. 'One day India may lose Kashmir. The separatists active in the valley cannot be blamed alone but elements in Delhi are equally responsible for this. They are pushing people to the wall,' Abdullah said at a function here organised to release a book - Tragic Hero of Kashmir - Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. Abdullah alleged there was politics against the people of Kashmir during the rule of erstwhile Maharaja Hari Singh and the same tendency persists even today. 'Unless we realise the situation and take corrective steps things may go out of hands,' he warned. The National Conference Patron also expressed his concern over the 'growth' of both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalism in the country. Abdullah accused 'half of the Congress leaders' of being communal and said he did not see any ray of hope if the present situation continues. 'We may be Hindu, Muslim or Christian. But I visualise an India which has no religion. If the present religious intolerance keeps going on, it would be very difficult to keep India united,' he said. Describing Sheikh Abdullah as the 'tragic hero', he said his father was always misunderstood outside Kashmir and was a victim of New Delhi's politics.