Zardari should change his words, says Fazl

5 October 2008
The Nation
Not Sepcified

Lahore: Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam Chief and Chairman of the Kashmir Committee of the National Assembly Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that he would ask President Asif Zardari to change his statement about Kashmiri freedom-fighters in which he (President) had declared them militants.Talking to the BBC, Maulana Fazl said, 'We will ask him to change his words. It is right that he (Zardari) is the President of our country but he is to pass through experiences while giving statements and selection of words.He said that it is possible President Zardari had called them militants in the context that resistant fighters across the world are called militants.'Pakistanis have regard for Kashmiris and Kashmiri resistant fighters. Pakistan also deems their sacrifices as Independence movement. Pakistan has always termed Indian atrocities leashed on Kashmiris as state terrorism,' he added.He said incidents like anti-India demonstrations in Kashmir are part of their internal matter and it is also their thinking that always grows.To a question that people in India Held Kashmir are staging rallies in favour of Pakistan and are shout slogans then why it is being deemed as their internal matter, he said Kasmiri people's wish to have association with Pakistan is a thought but leaders of their independence movement do not take any dictation from Pakistan on their routine matters, maintaining that it could not be said that Pakistan did not has any association with their point of view.He maintained that soft language used by President Zardari for India indicates that Pakistan wants friendly relationship with New Delhi.In an interview with Wall Street General, President Zardari had dubbed resistant fighters in Indian Occupied Kasmir as 'militants' and had said India had never been a threat to Pakistan.