UJC rejects polls in held Kashmir

20 October 2008
The News International
Mumtaz Alvi

Islamabad: The United Jihad Council, a conglomeration of 19 Kashmiri parties, on Monday said as in the past Kashmirs would foil the Indian elec-tion drama with unity in their ranks. Talking to The News, UJC Chairman Syed Salahuddin said they would shortly be launching an anti-election campaign across the held Kashmir and added even without it Kashmiris were committed to boycotting the election ploy. All Kashmiri parties have unanimously rejected the election drama aimed at misleading the world community that everything is fine in held Kashmir and the locals are taking part in the political process under the Indian constitution, he maintained. He made it clear that the so-called election could not be a substitute for the Kashmiris legitimate right to self-determination, which was recognised by the United Nations and the international community. About the PPP-led coalition, he said unfortunately the new dispensation was following the policies of former mil-itary ruler Pervez Musharraf, saying there was no change whatsoever so far in these policies. He alleged that as Musharraf wanted to please India and improve relations with it, sidelining the Kashmiri issue, the present rulers were also doing the same. Referring to the Pak-India dialogue, he was of the view that unless and until Kashmiris were made part of it, it would fizzle out without producing any positive results. Pakistanis and Kashmiris should talk to Indians with one voice; otherwise, such exercise could be to their disadvantage, he cautioned. The government of Pakistan, he emphasised, should take the Kashmir issue as the core problem and should not overlook the Kashmiris, being the basic party to the dispute. He said time and target-oriented parleys with India were imperative to make a tangible movement towards finding a solution to the Kashmir issue keeping in view Kashmiris aspirations. Syed Salahudd who is also the head of one of the most feared armed organ-isationsHizbul Mujahideenpointed out that talks without a target and timeframe would be a useless exercise, something the world community had witnessed during the last 52 years. There have been more than 300 rounds of talks on Kashmir, but these remained fruitless only because these lacked sincerity and Kashmiris were not made part of it, he noted. In reply to a question about the activities of the United Jihad Council component groups, he said with confidence that the conglomerate was successfully carrying forward its cause and there was no let-up in its operations. However, he pointed out that the United Jihad Coun-cil fighters were sparing the areas, where Kashmiris were peacefully rallying for their noble cause. We continue targeting Indian army camps and the border areas with great success, he claimed. The Kashmiri leader said his fighters were not under-taking activities in areas of Kashmiris raising their voice, because under this disguise, Indian forces would massacre them. At the end, he called upon the government of Pakistan to adopt a realistic policy on Kashmir and involve Kashmiri representatives in talks with India.