Restore Telecommunications Links With PaK: Kashmiri Traders

22 October 2008
Etalaat News Service

Srinagar: A day after the historic cross Loc trade took off between the two divided parts of Kashmir; the traders of valley have demanded the opening of banks, restoration of telecommunication links and free access of the traders from both sides across LoC, for smooth conduct of business between the two sides President Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) Mubeen Shah on Wednesday said that the resumption of the trade ties between the divided parts of Kashmir is a historic development but there are certain issues that need to be addressed at earliest so that the business flourishes. “Telecommunication is one of the major problems for businessmen. There are some issues in business that can be sorted out easily through telephone,” Shah said. “The traders on the both sides should be given free access to meet their counter parts with out any hassles,” President, fruit growers association Pulwama, Ghulam Mohammad Dar while welcoming the start of the Cross LoC trade said that trade ties between the two divided parts of Kashmir can play the role of a catalyst to resolve the Kashmir issue. “Trade will help resolve Kashmir issue and our effort will be to bring peace in the region through trade,” Dar said. He said that when the businessmen of valley can use the telecommunication links to stay in touch with the businessmen across India and abroad, why can’t they communicate with the traders of Pakistan administered Kashmir. “We want to carry out business with Azad Kashmir, the way we are doing with the other parts of India,” Dar said. “The telecommunication links should be restored and the banks from the either side should start their operations for business transactions,” he added. President of fruit growers association Baramulla, Ghulam Rasool Bhat said that the start of Cross LoC trade should be sustained and efforts should be made to increase the frequency of trucks across the divided Kashmir. He said that the start of trade is a beginning for greater trade relations between Kashmir and rest of the world. “We don’t want the trade ties to remain confined to Azad Kashmir only. We want to expand our relations with Central Asia as well,” Bhat said. “The technical difficulties faced by the traders on the both sides should be solved by the respective governments at the earliest,” he added.