Obama May Consider Clinton As Kashmir Envoy

5 November 2008
The Pakistan Tribune

Washington DC: The new elected US President Barack Hussain Obama might consider the appointment of former President Bill Clinton as a special envoy on Jammu and Kashmir, an analysis-report claimed here Wednesday. Obama said he has sounded out Clinton, who has had first-hand experience dealing with the subcontinent. Clinton had played a role in ending Kargil crisis in Jammu and Kashmir in the summer of 1999, KMS reported. When asked specifically about Clinton playing a role in redefining Pakistan's relations with India, Obama said, 'Might not be bad. I actually talked to Bill, I talked to President Clinton about this when we had lunch' at Harlem in New York recently. While recognising that Kashmir is 'obviously a potential tar pit' for American diplomacy, Obama remains optimistic about changing the regional dynamic. In the interview, Obama said that 'working with Pakistan and India to try to resolve the Kashmir crisis in a serious way' is one of the 'critical tasks' for his Administration. Saying that Kashmir is now in an 'interesting situation', Obama is ready to explore the option for the U.S. 'to devote serious diplomatic resources to get a special envoy in there, to figure out a plausible approach'.