Bombs Had Timers Used In Kashmir

2 December 2008
The Times of India

Mumbai: The RDX bombs planted by the terrorists around Mumbai were apparently assembled in the Kuber, the trawler hijacked by the terror team. The timing devices were like the ones commonly used by militants in Kashmir, police said. Investigators said the materials used to make the bombs were found on the Kuber, which the terrorists had used and abandoned. Two bombs had been placed near the front and rear entrances of the Taj, another was placed near the Oberoi, while two were placed in taxis. Police said pink packing material found in the Kuber was similar to material used to wrap the RDX in the bomb kept near the main entrance of the Taj. The police also found on the Kuber rope similar to rope used to fix timers to the bombs. The timers had programmable delay switches that could set a bomb off within a minimum of 8 minutes and 32 seconds and a maximum of 194 days. They are widely used by terrorists in Kashmir, the police said.