UJC warns India against any misadventure

3 December 2008
The News International
Mumtaz Alvi

Islamabad: The United Jihad Council (Muttahida Jihad Council) on Wednesday offered its full support to Pakistan in the given scenario and said in case of a war, which it believed was out of question, Kashmiri fighters would demonstrate what they were capable of doing with the aggressor. UJC Chairman Syed Salahuddin, while talking to The News here, maintained that India was trying to conceal its own weaknesses by squarely blaming Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks, which its security apparatus had miserably failed to avert. The top commander of the UJC, a conglomeration of 19 Kashmiri groups, predicted more Mumbai-like strikes in the near future if, he said, New Delhi did not review its policy of state terrorism against the minorities and their worship places. Instead of putting its own house in order by taking the minorities along, particularly the Muslims, the Indian leaders were vainly trying to distract the world communitys attention from its own created problems, he contended. About the possibility of a Pak-India war, the Kashmiri fighter did not see any chance of a military confrontation between the two countries and said in the modern day world, what counted was the technological edge, which Islamabad enjoyed over New Delhi vis-a-vis nucl- ear capability and missile technology. We dont foresee India going for any silly action, but if it commits a blunder, Kashmiri fighters who are engaged in a protracted freedom struggle, will demonstrate what they are capable of. The world will see the lessons that we will teach to the enemy, he asserted. In reply to a question, Salahuddin believed that the attacks in Mumbai were indigenous in nature, as several campaigns of militancy were under way in India, which were to intensify due to its policy of state terrorism in the time to come. What the Indians witnessed last week is simply a reaction to Indias oppressive policy aimed at massacres of minorities members, burning of their worship places and properties. Under one pretext or the other, minorities are subjected to state terror each year, he continued. Those who hit Mumbai, he pointed out, openly declared they were from Deccan Mujahideen group, where the Muslims like in any part of India were forced to live in sub-human conditions. He rejected Indias allegation that Pakistan or any of the organisations there were behind the attacks and said the neighbouring country had no proof to substantiate these charges. It has become now their habit to blame Pakistan for anything that goes wrong, he added. Asked whether the last weeks massacre was going to have any impact on their freedom movement in Kashmir, he made it clear that their struggle was indigenous and legitimate, which had its basis in the United Nations resolutions.