Pro India MEP To Hold Kashmir Conference

8 December 2008
Kashmir Watch

Srinagar: Two days conference titled “Cultural Heritage of the People of Kashmir” is being held, by MEP Baroness Nicholson a pro Indian lobbyist in Europran Parliament, at Brussels on December 10-11. PBI reported that the conference is aimed at examining the recent political developments in the state besides highlighting the cultural diversity as well as the rich heritage of the region. “There is much that has changed since the European Parliament overwhelmingly adopted the ‘Kashmir Resolution’ of 24th May 2007, the European Parliament. Also, considering the change in the region, especially with regard to the outcome of Pakistan’s election in February 2008, the conference is aimed to analyses the current domestic and regional situation of the Kashmir region and formulate, where possible, policy recommendations for the actors involved,” reads a statement with signatures of Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne MEP. Many senior Journalists including Kahlid Jehangir, Bashir Ahmad Manzar from Kashmir besides vice Chancellor of Kashmir University Prof Punjabi have been invited at the conference to speak on the Kashmir’s cultural heritage.