No Terrorist Training Camp Exists In Azad Kashmir: President AJK

12 December 2008
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Urging exposing of Indian conspiracies by sending diplomatic mission abroad, President Azad Kashmir Raja Muhammad Zulqarnain categorically stated that no terrorist training camp exists in Azad Kashmir. Talking to different delegations here, President AJK emphasized that India has always tried to harm Pakistan and Azad Kashmir and put responsibility of every incident on Pakistan without investigation and proofs. India by blaming Pakistan and Kashmiri people after every incident started propaganda war against Pakistan, which is affecting peace process between Pakistan and India, he added. President AJK underlined that NATO forces and international donor agencies worked all over the Azad Kashmir after October 18, 2005 devastating earthquake and at present over 300 local and foreign NGOs are working in quake affected areas but never mentioned presence of any training camp. Kashmiri people are civilized and friendly but India is trying to defame Pakistan and Kashmiri people just to achieve its nefarious designs, added President AJK. President AJK further stated that the demolition of historical Babri Mosque, the killing of innocent people in Chatti Singh Pura village and burning alive Indian Muslims in Gujrat and the incident of Samjhota Express reflects terrorism of Indian extremists. He said that terrorism is an international issue and Pakistan is paying heavy price for its role as Front State against war on terror.